What Signs Indicate That Your Air Conditioning Needs Repairs?

You might think that the only time you'll ever need to worry about your heating and air conditioning is during certain seasons. But it doesn't matter what the weather is like outside, air conditioner and heater problems can happen any time of the year. Headaches, high bills, and uncomfortable homes could be the indicators of an air-conditioning problem you might not have even known you had.

Increased Bills

Perhaps you checked your utility bill and were surprised by the cost. When there wasn't a problem with the last bill, how could it have gone up so much? A telltale sign that there is a problem with the air conditioning unit is higher utility bills. You'll face higher costs when your HVAC system has to work harder to keep you comfortable — and it's more likely to break down if you don't maintain it properly. Additionally, if you leave your system on for too long, your bill could be higher.

Reduced Comfort

Why does your house seem so warm when your AC is constantly running? Ideally, your room should be comfortably heated or cooled, so if you are uncomfortable, you likely have a problem with the HVAC system. Sometimes ductwork problems obstruct airflow and cause reduced comfort. A damaged or worn component within your air conditioner may cause strain, making it less effective at meeting your needs.

Odd Sounds and Odors

HVAC system odors and sounds can be unpleasant, especially when they come from a system that has been running for hours on warm days. If your system emits a strong musty smell or a burning smell when it's turned on, it may be a sign that something has broken or worn out. Rotten egg smell, however, usually signals a gas leak. You will hear squeals, bangs, or clangs from the HVAC system if it is not functioning properly.

Maintaining proper air quality in your home is essential. Air-conditioning systems are one of the most important home systems, yet are often neglected until they are broken. Keeping your air-conditioning system in optimal condition is one of the best ways to maintain air quality. How do you do it?

Maintain your HVAC system regularly with a trusted professional. Air conditioning maintenance only takes a few hours and can be scheduled when your home won't be occupied. Call a local air conditioning repair company to solve problems such as higher cooling bills, decreased comfort, and strange sounds and smells during the day.